We welcome funding and other networking possibilities for Solon App. If you or your company understand the vision or are intrigued to find out more, please fill in the form on the contact us page and we will get back in touch. 

A little more on where we are along the journey;


To date, a preliminary (beta) version of Solon App has been released on the App Store and Google Play and is being tested and refined. There are still key features that need to be developed and integrated into the system, as well as existing provisions which need to be enhanced. The app’s main features are;

Asset Portfolio: input of existing assets. Users can continue to assign assets to the adaptable will through files, voice, or video, as their assets grow or change. Over time the Asset Portfolio will track the value of assets, linking into data on banking, stocks, bonds, house prices, etc. Effectively, this will be an automatically updating one-stop net-worth calculator.

Live Will: A dynamic document that automatically evolves with the asset portfolio granting the testator greater visibility, security, and control over their assets and their distribution.

Automated Proof of Life: A check-in process to determine whether the user is alive. If deceased, then the user’s Will is distributed to chosen executors. This is a key innovation that requires bespoke coding which will be the subject of a patent application to protect this feature.

Executor dashboard: Web-based display of information pertinent for executing a will. Solon is making the services that need to be carried out by the executor more transparent to simplify probate. 

With the base functionality of the systems described above in place, Solon App Technical Infrastructure Upscaling Project is largely for building and integrating blockchain technology to advance our service. Making it fully trust-less, decentralised, secure, quick, and innovative.


2022– Launch Beta App and liaise with early adopters (complete)
– Set up and launch social media soft launch (complete)
2023– Refine app based on feedback from early adopters
– Communicate with potential B2B partners and introduce them to https://services.solon.app 
– Implement the market execution deliverables for Solon App
– Marketing launch campaign
– Update the app in stores and for launch
– Solon App Full Launch
2024– Design of decentralised will system for integration into Solon app 
– Supported marketing post launch
– Begin further targeted marketing options