Will-writing in the UK is stuck in the past. People have changed, their needs have changed and times have changed. We live through our phones, we buy food, insurance, book beauty treatments, and holidays, and watch content, all through our phones. So it is only right you should be able to write your lasting will on your phone too. 

At Solon, we believe that writing a modern will is not a one-off event but an ongoing process that evolves with the lives of our users. We want to improve the understanding of wills and by and bring a 21st Century, technological solution to will-writing.

This is being executed through Solon, an app that not only produces a will but tracks the way assets change over time, everything from property to cryptocurrency. 

Solon app is a game-changing technology that simplifies the process and removes the taboo of will creation for many. Life and legacy mean so many different things to different people but we can agree, they are important, have a look at what our founders had to say

Founders’ Stories

“At 26 years old on a Tuesday night in September I made my way home after winning a game of football, I made dinner, had a shower, and went to bed. I woke up in the early hours of Wednesday morning with a bad headache. I stumbled into A&E and was told it was just a migraine. After this misdiagnosis, I was told I had a brain tumor, and had I not come in and challenged the diagnosis, I would have been dead in a matter of hours. Yes, I was 26. I bought an engagement ring. I was finalising the purchase of my first property. I was 26. As I was told about the life threatening/saving surgery I was about to have, I thought about what would happen if I didn’t wake up. It was too late to get my affairs in order. Too late to make sure my loved ones were looked after. Too late to show them I loved them after I was gone.

This is where Solon makes a difference because it’s never too late. Solon ensures that you always have the power to future-proof your finances. Solon ensures your loved ones are taken care of. Solon ensures peace of mind, all the time.”


“I’ve witnessed siblings’ relationships severed when it comes to sorting out details of a loved one’s final affairs. It’s usually a time of high emotions mixed with duty-bound demands on what must be done and how they should be done, all within a relatively short amount of time.

With this, it’s a no-brainer to have a Will in place – one that ensures critical matters, especially ones concerning burial wishes and estate. A well-written Will ensures that no one has to make such decisions for the deceased and thereby leaving room to be challenged.

In one instance, the lawyer and sole executor of the deceased’s Will chose to share the contents with one member of the family and consequently denied there was ever any Will, to the rest. Once this disclosure was known, it created mistrust; a situation that led to irrevocable rifts within the family. 

Beyond having a Will, being able to control who sees it, and having a transparent window for execution is what we aim to build into Solon; a solution for ensuring absolute certainty, especially in instances where the rule of law or trust may be compromised.”


“The need for Solon came about when I started trading stocks and digital assets. It then trickled down into different areas of my life such as family and business. I eventually realised a lot of information affecting my businesses and finances was mostly digitised and known by myself, I did not have any means in place to assist the passing of my information if anything was to ever happen.

The conventional ways of passing down assets were something I have always been familiar with due to the passing of my late father when I was a teenager, it was the fact that he had a Will in place and used his initiative to write a handwritten letter to individual family members such as his children, siblings, wife and ex-wife’s which made his last wishes apparent to everyone.

Even though conventional Wills do a great job, it didn’t meet my requirements as a new-age man operating in a digital era. As the next generation of my family emerges it is important that I pass down a legacy, not only in monetary value but most importantly in memories. I believe money is a great tool to pass down as a legacy but that solely can not amend a broken heart from losing a loved one. Being a father myself a monetary value being passed down to my children is a given but after that, what will be left? I can only guess the emotional impact it will have, this is what makes Solon so great, it allows me to take control and ensure my children will always have a permanent message from their father personalised and directly speaking to them as individuals.”


If you are touched by these accounts and you are thinking about using Solon App you can download it from the stores now, give it a go and tell us what you think.

This is a beta version. We’re always open to hearing your views on how you think we can improve the app experience. Please feel free to provide us your feedback here.