While the world continues to mourn Queen Elizabeth II, it appears that the late monarch left a unique legacy. A private letter to Australia was written by the late Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom; it won’t be made public for 63 years. According to Australian local news reports, the letter, which she sent in November 1986, is hidden away in a vault in a historic Sydney building. The citizens of Sydney were the letter’s intended audience. Nobody, not even the Queen’s personal staff, is meant to know what is written inside the letter because it is intended to be placed inside a glass case in a safe location. The instructions state that the mail is sealed and cannot be opened until 2085. However, it will have been close to 100 years since Queen Elizabeth sent the letter, so we can only speculate as to what kind of covert correspondence she left behind, something our beloved Queen was known to do at times.

Australia and Queen Elizabeth had a deep bond during the course of her 70-year rule. The queen visited the country on numerous occasions, visiting every state and interacting with people from various walks of life and historical periods. The first of Her Majesty’s 16 visits there took place in 1954, just two years after she gained office. The Queen, who presided as a constitutional monarch and whose son will succeed her as King Charles III, was not involved in running the Australian Government on a daily basis. She did, however, continue to perform significant ceremonial and symbolic duties.

The idea that something can be hidden from everyone and revealed to the intended person(s) at a particular time or event is not new but has been revolutionised in today’s world with technology. This same act of covert correspondence can be achieved digitally with even greater security by anyone today. Solon users can create covert messages through text, video and voice messages for any intended recipient before or after death. Solon’s smart encryption ensures beneficiaries will be able to view messages digitally and privately. 

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